All the Pit Stop facilities are staffed by paid attendants who help ensure that the toilets are well maintained and used for their intended purpose. The program, which began in July 2014, now operates at 11 locations, providing an alternative to using our streets and sidewalks as a toilet. Not only do the people who need a bathroom benefit, but so do the neighborhoods. Hours:
Castro - Open daily 9am to 8pm
Civic Center - Open daily 9am to 8pm
Haight - Open daily 9am to 8pm
Mid-Market - Open daily 9am to 8pm
SoMa - Monday-Friday 2pm to 9pm
Tenderloin - Monday-Friday 2pm to 9pm
16th @ Mission - Open daily 9am to 8pm
16th @ Capp - Monday-Friday 11am to 6pm
Mission @ Sycamore - Mon-Friday 2 to 9pm

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San Francisco Public Works operates the Pit Stop program, which provides clean and safe public toilets, sinks, used needle receptacles and dog waste stations in San Francisco's most impacted neighborhoods. The program utilizes both portable toilets, which are trucked to and from the sites daily after overnight servicing at a remote location, and the semi-permanent JCDecaux self-cleaning toilets.

Department of Public Works

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