Community - RTR4C believes the collective energy, skills, and passion of a community can be harnessed to address the community’s most pressing needs.

Partnership -
RTR4C views nurses, physicians, patients, and families as co-creators and engages these critical stakeholders to design beautiful, purposeful, and culturally-inclusive treatment spaces.

Empowerment - RTR4C believes beautiful and inspiring treatment spaces can help improve self-confidence of patients and better support families.

Simple Solutions - RTR4C believes simple solutions have the power to solve complex problems; in a single weekend, a treatment space can be redesigned to substantially and positively transform the healing process.

RTR4C envisions a world in which all who are touched by cancer – regardless of income, geography, background, or age – have access to inspiring and hopeful chemotherapy treatment facilities that support the healing process.

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Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo